Studying Statistics at the University of Waikato will help you to become a critical decision maker in industry.  You'll know how to collect and analyse data to lead organisations to informed decisions rather than just hunches or guesses.  Find out more


If you have an interest in Data Analytics or Statistics, you can study towards a number of qualifications, in particular:


There are a number of scholarships, prizes and awards offered by the School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences that can help students studying statistics, for example the Statistics/Data Analytics Fees Scholarship.

To find out more about the available scholarships and prizes go to the Scholarships Finder. You can also visit the School of Graduate Research.

Career Options

Find out more about the number of career options available in statistics.

Contact Us

For more information on studying statistics at the University of Waikato, please contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics or the School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences. You can also find out more about the Statistics staff.