Our Students

Claire Forsythe

Master of Science
The MSc gave Claire the opportunity to expand her skills and knowledge, which she has been able to apply to her everyday work.

Nick Lim

Master of Science
After completing an Electronic Engineering degree, Nick decided to expand his education experience and come to New Zealand to complete postgraduate research in statistics.

Eli Muller

Master of Science
Physics was Eli's favourite subject all through high school so he didn't find choosing his degree particularly difficult.

Ben O'Neil

Bachelor of Science with Honours
It was the bonus of being able to combine maths and physics and complete a double major in three years with minimal clashes in one degree that brought Ben to the University of Waikato.

Claudia Wu

Bachelor of Science with Honours
University of Waikato Computer Science graduate Claudia Wu spends her days making sense of numbers, to ensure ANZ are lending responsibly.