Te Ara Tatauranga - Statistics Consulting

Te Ara Tatauranga - The Statistics Consulting Group at the University of Waikato operates as part of the School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences. We provide expert statistical advice and support to postgraduate students and staff within the University and to external organisations.

Services provided

We provide general support on a variety of statistical and data related aspects. We also have mathematical modelling consultants. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Experimental & survey design
  • Data cleaning & management
  • Statistical data analysis & data visualisations
  • Assistance with statistical software & programming
  • Advice on data ethics & Māori data sovereignty
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Numerical & computational methods


Our services and support are currently free for up to 4 hours per year for postgraduate students and staff at the University of Waikato. If additional hours are necessary, flexible arrangements will be made on a case by case basis. For projects external to the University, standard University of Waikato external consultancy fees will be charged. The consultant will provide a cost estimate and agreement before any work begins.

Appointments & enquiries

To make an initial appointment to see a member of the team, or for any other enquiries, please email and we will respond as soon as we can.

The team

The team is made up of statistical and mathematical consultants. Based upon your project needs you will be matched with the most appropriate team member. While all members of the team will be suitable for most projects, we also highlight some particular strengths below.

Statistical Consultants

Dr Han Gan
Dr Han Gan holds an Honours degree in Probability and Statistics and a PhD in Applied Probability. He specialises in stochastic modelling and applied statistics.

Dr David Chan
Dr David Chan holds Master's and PhD degrees Statistics. He specialises in applied statistics and spatial capture-recapture methods.

Dr Paul Brown
Dr Paul Brown specialises in computational Bayesian methods, statistical modelling, and data ethics - including Māori data sovereignty. He holds an Honours degree and a PhD in Statistics.

Dr Jason Kurz
Dr Jason Kurz specialises in statistics and machine learning. In particular he applies statistics and functional analysis to supervised learning models, to include using data driven deep learning techniques to model physical phenomena.

Dr Amy Renelle
Dr Amy Renelle holds an Honours degree and a PhD in Statistics. She specialises in statistics education, applied statistics and qualitative data analysis.

Mathematical Consultants

Dr Jacob Heerikhuisen
Dr Jacob Heerikhuisen has more than 20 years of experience modeling space environments using physics-based mathematical models that are implemented using custom computational methods. He has developed particle Monte-Carlo methods to model particles in space, but also to model photons traveling through human tissue.

Dr Woei Chet Lim
Dr Woei Chet Lim holds an Honours degree in applied mathematics and computer science, and a Masters and a PhD in applied mathematics. He specialises in dynamical systems analysis.

Prof Sean Oughton
Prof Sean Oughton holds a PhD in Physics. He specialises in mathematical modelling and numerical simulation work, particularly in connection with fluid flows.