LaTeX class file for thesis/dissertation/project

If you are writing your thesis, dissertation, or project using LaTeX, then the files available on this page may be of help to you. Together, they make up a class called uwthesis which produces output in accordance with the University of Waikato thesis guidelines (see the University Calendar and the library guide). However, depending on the calibration of the printer used, you may need to tweak some of the parameters - see below. The files that are needed are uwthesis.cls, uw12.clo (if these two files show up on your browser, then just use the save command on your browser to save them under their appropriate names), and Waik-Print-PMS-V.eps.  The last file contains the University crest.

If you are using Linux or some other variant of Unix, it is recommended that you make a directory to hold the above files and other files of your thesis. This may be done using the mkdir command. For example, mkdir thesis will create a directory called thesis. To change into this directory, use cd thesis.

The settings in uw12.clo assume that your thesis will be printed single-sided. If it is going to be printed double-sided, then you need to specify the twoside option in the \documentclass command. Depending on the calibration of the printer, you may need to further modify the lengths \textwidth (line 102), \textheight (line 116), \hoffset (line 217) and \voffset (line 218) in the file uw12.clo. You may also need to tweak the \oddsidemargin and \evensidemargin lengths.

On lines 7 and 8 of the file uwthesis.cls itself, you will need to change the default settings for the degree and the type of thesis (thesis, dissertation, or project) to suit your needs.

Typically, your master LaTeX file, say thesis.tex, will be something like the following:

\title{Pearls of Wisdom}
\author{M.Y. Self}
The first pearl of wisdom is that people ignore my pearls of wisdom.
The second pearl of wisdom is that people should read the documentation.
Acknowledgements belong here.

The files chap1.tex, chap2.tex, chap3.tex etc. should each contain a chapter of the thesis.  Of course, you can have other names for your files; just change the above in the master LaTeX file accordingly. There may well be files containing appendices and a file containing the references. The \includeonly command is useful if you want to work on just a chapter or two, but you want the referencing and citations to be correct.