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Message from the Chairperson
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Welcome to the Web pages of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Waikato.

Whether you are a current student or a potential student, we hope that you will find the information on our Web pages useful.

Mathematics today is an enabling science which has a multitude of applications in industry, climate modelling and weather forecasting, financial and market modelling, cryptography, astrophysics, and many other areas. Because of this important role of mathematics, we provide papers (courses) not just for mathematics majors, but for all students who need mathematical skills in their chosen area of study. We have both New Zealand students and international students. The latter might like to contact Waikato International for special information and support.

In addition to its important teaching role, the department's staff carry out research on a variety of topics in pure, applied, and computational mathematics. This work calls on mathematical knowledge from many fields - calculus, algebra, analysis, geometry, numerical analysis, graph theory. Students doing a qualification in mathematics normally include papers from several of these areas.

We have an attractive campus in a rural setting while Hamilton has plenty of restaurants, shopping and entertainment. Within an hour's drive are opportunities for surfing, fishing, and hiking. The ski resorts are about three hours drive away and less than two hours drive away is Auckland, New Zealand's major population centre.

The Department provides good computing facilities for its senior students. Our senior laboratory has a network of PCs running Linux and Windows 7. Software includes: Java, C++, Maple, Mathematica, Matlab, and other mathematical and statistical packages.

Dr Nick Cavenagh
Chairperson, Department of Mathematics

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