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The Department of Mathematics was established on 1 January 1996. It consisted of 11 academic staff who had previously been in the combined Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

More Detailed Information

The Department currently has three full Professors, two Associate Professors, five Senior Lecturers, one Lecturer, and one Senior Tutor. It also has two Honorary Fellows and one Honorary Research Associate.

In 2012 the Department taught approximately 213 full-time equivalent undergraduate level students from all Faculties of Study and it had about another 13 full-time equivalent students at graduate and postgraduate level. About 15% of its students are international students. It offers papers at all levels from first-year undergraduate to second-year graduate, as well as supervision for Masters and Doctoral degrees.

The Department offers a broad programme in pure, applied, and computational mathematics which gives opportunity for specialist and research preparation, but also serves the needs in mathematics of other disciplines in the University. These include, but are not limited to, Computer Science, Statistics, Engineering, Physics, Materials and Process Engineering, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Management, Education, Economics, and Finance.

At the undergraduate level, the Faculty offers a four-year degree, the Bachelor of Computing & Mathematical Sciences (with and without Honours) and the three-year Bachelor of Science degree. It also offers the Software Engineering programme in the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours degree. Students can also take mathematics as a major for the BA degree in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The Bachelor of Science with Honours degree is a one-year graduate qualification available to students who have completed a BSc degree at the University of Waikato or a qualification considered equivalent by the Academic Board, and who have reached a required standard in their major subject. At Master's level, the Faculty offers the Master of Science , which normally requires two years of full-time study. All Faculties offer two research-only degrees: the Master of Philosophy (one year) and the Doctor of Philosophy (three years). A graduate certificate/diploma in mathematics as well as a postgraduate certificate/diploma in mathematics are also available. Further information about the degrees and certificates/diplomas offered in the Faculty are available in the Faculty Handbook or jump to the FCMS degrees page.

There is collaboration between the Departments in the Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, to complement the existing collaboration between the Department of Mathematics and the Faculty of Science & Engineering, which includes the School of Engineering, and the Departments of Chemistry, Earth and Ocean Sciences, and Biological Sciences.

The academic staff in the Department of Mathematics carry out research, and publish extensively, in many areas of Mathematics including the following:

  • Pure Mathematics: number theory; group theory; algebra.

  • Applied Mathematics: fluid mechanics; magnetohydrodynamics; astrophysics; relativity; symmetry properties of partial differential equations; dynamical systems.

  • Computational Mathematics: mathematical software; numerical integration; numerical solution of partial differential equations.

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