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Specialisation in Finance

NOTE: Where the 2013 requirements for a programme differ from those previously published, care will be taken to ensure existing students are not disadvantaged.

The BSc major in mathematics has a specialisation which offers you the opportunity to take a three year degree combining mathematics with finance. This specialisation is aimed at students who wish to choose a career from a range of stimulating positions in banking, the Treasury or Reserve Bank, stock market firms, finance houses, including financial and economic modelling. Recent graduates have started their careers at ANZ Bank, Genesis Power, Ministry of Economic Development, New Zealand Treasury, Reserve Bank of New Zealand, and UNISYS.

Students doing this specialisation need to do the listed compulsory papers, but may wish to include some papers from economics in their degree.

Able students may wish to consider doing a BSc double major with one major in Mathematics and the other major in Finance.

Note that the papers listed are the compulsory papers. The other requirements of the BSc degree regulations must also be met.

BSc Major in Mathematics with Specialisation in Finance

100 Level Compulsory Papers

MATH101 Introduction to Calculus (15 points)
MATH102 Introduction to Algebra (15 points)
STAT121 Introduction to Statistical Methods (15 points)
COMP103 Introduction to Computer Science (15 points)
COMP104 Introduction to Computer Science (15 points)
ECON100 Business Economics and the New Zealand Economy (15 points).

200 Level Compulsory Papers

MATH251 Multivariable Calculus (10 points)
MATH252 Elements of Analysis (10 points)
MATH253 Linear Algebra (10 points)
MATH255 Differential Equations (10 points)
Plus 20 points of MATH 200 Level papers.

FINA201 Finance


  • Twenty points of MATH 200 level papers may be replaced by STAT251 Simulation and Optimisation.
  • STAT221 is recommended as a 200 level paper in the specialisation.

300 Level Compulsory Papers

MATH311 Advanced Calculus (20 points)

At least one of
FINA311 Corporate Finance and
FINA312 Portfolios and Markets with both papers recommended.


  • In the 40 points of MATH3 papers, it is recommended that this include MATH331 Applied Mathematics.
  • Twenty points of MATH 300 level papers may be replaced by COMP342 Numerical Analysis or a STAT 300 level paper.

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